Welcome to the Cuggiono Genealogy Website

narrow street in cuggionoOur New Look
Those of you who have visited this site in the past will, I hope, notice a new look (again), I hope you like it! There is also new content and new links to follow, as well as more pictures.

New Navigation
The navigation has been greatly enhanced. The top row links are the main 'categories' of the site. When you hover on a top row item with a small arrow to the right, a 2nd row containing the topics that apply to that particular category will appear. Each topic is a link and a click will take you to that specific page. If the navigation does not appear when you hover over a main topic, click it and it should appear when you mouse over the topic you clicked. I am still working the bugs out of the navigation. There are a couple topics that have a third level of navigation. The same navigation system appears on every page of this site, except the forum, so you can immediately go to any of the topics from almost every page in the site. Please let me know if you experience a problem with this navigation.

The Forum is up! Please see the Forum information page before you try to login or post on the forum as there is an explanation about how the forum works.

Outside Links
I have links to outside webpages located on many pages, I tried to place them on the most logical page, where they apply to the topic of a particular page. On the Museo page, in the upper right hand corner, you can bring up an English version of the Museo site.