Accommodations Near Cuggiono

My purpose is only to let you know that they exist, and do not assume that this list contains all available accommodations - it doesn't! I am not recommending any one place over another either - just providing information passed on to me from others who have been there.

To my knowledge, there are no hotels in Cuggiono. However, supposedly there is a B&B in Cuggiono, The Ticino B&B. The only reference to it that I have found is on, which I rely upon for any traveling in the US, hopefully it is as good for Italy!

Below is a list of accommodations near Cuggiono sent to me by people who live nearby or have visited the area.

Hotel in Malvaglio - this is the closest known accommodations to Cuggiono
Hotel da Mariuccia
Via Don L. Pozzi, 43
20020 Malvaglio di Robecchetto, Milano, Italy
Tel. 0331.875.546 (Fax 0331.876.133)
Experiences of this hotel from people who have stayed at Hotel da Mariuccia

Hotel in Buscate
Scia on Martin - 3 km from Cuggiono
(Their website no longer exists, they may not either)
Viale 2 Giugno, 1
tel 0039 0331 803000

Hotel in Bernate Ticino
Prestige A review site of this hotel (I could not find a website for the hotel itself.)
Via Autostrada 1
Phone: +39 0297 55750

Hotel in Magenta
Hotel Excelsior Magenta is the biggest town near Cuggiono (10 km). There are several bus lines from Magenta to Cuggiono and Milan, a railway station, restaurants, libraries, pubs and cinemas and also a long shopping street. The Hotel Excelsior is just opposite the railway station near the center of Magenta.

Hotel in Corbetta
Hotel Diamante Corbetta is close to Magenta.

Hotel near Malpensa Airport
Hotel Cervo Located about a mile from the airport. The room cost includes all taxes and breakfast. This hotel is good for the day you arrive or depart since it is very close to the airport and they provide a shuttle service to and from the hotel for 3 euros per person. The hotel is quite nice. Breakfast is light, they offer breads, cold cuts, cheeses, fruit, cereal, and beverages, enough to get the day started. It is about a 20 minute drive to Cuggiono.

Hotels in Milan
You will find many hotels in Milan on the internet, they are generally expensive by our standards. American companies have their hotels only in larger cities such as Milan, so if you want American standards, you should choose one of them. Cuggiono is quite far from Milan and to get there you will have to travel by bus or by train for at least 1 1/2 hours. The bus going directly to Cuggiono is not very frequent and close to students and workers times (7-9 am, 5-9 pm). The train goes to Magenta Station, and from there, you have to take a bus. You can probably find more luxurious accomodations than those in the smaller cities, but be sure to consider the travel difficulties to and from Cuggiono if your interest is in Cuggiono. Plus, there is something to be said for the experience of spending as much time as possible in the area your ancestors are from.

Cuggiono Area Map