Our Brasca Family

Our Grandmother was Maria Enrichetta Teresa Brasca. She was born in Cuggiono on 25 Feb 1879, the 2nd of 10 children of Baldassare Brasca and Maria Garegnani. Maria Garegnani was born in the nearby village of Mesero on 12 Aug 1855 to Giuseppe Garegnani and Carla Zoia. Baldassare Brasca was born in Cuggiono in 1853 to Giorgio Brasca and Emerita Calcaterra.

The children of Baldassare Brasca and Maria Garegnani were:

1. Rosa Giuseppa Brasca, b. 23 Aug 1877, Rosa married John Serati, they lived in St. Louis and had 10 known children.
2. Maria Enrichetta Teresa Brasca, b. 24 Feb 1879, see Puricelli Family.
3. Felicita Maria Brasca, b. 9 Mar 1881, lived to be about 3.5 yrs old, died due to severe burns.
4. Enrico Paolo Brasca, b. 23 Jan 1884, lived to be 5 yrs old, died of meningitis.
5. Felicita Luigia Brasca, b. 2 Jun 1885, married Carlo Agosti, her 2nd cousin, lived in St. Louis, had 7 known children, 3 died young. Carlo was the son of a Johanna Brasca, likely a cousin of Baldassare.
6. Maria Teresa "Bambina" Brasca, b. 20 May 1887, married Giacomo Clavenna, they had 7 children.
7. Enrico Giorgio Brasca, b. 23 Jan 1889, only live 2 years. He had some sort of infectious disease that prevented them from having a funeral for him.
8. Emerita Giuseppa Brasca, b. 24 Jun 1891, only lived about 1 year.
9. Catterina Emerita Brasca, b. 29 Jun 1893. Had 3 daughters, Mariuccia, Paola, and Rita. Her first husband was a DiMeo, the 2nd was a Schiavo.
10. Emma Maria Brasca, b. 20 Jul 1896. She married a Pessina, his name was either Mario or Aldo. They had 5 children.

The painting below, by Roberto Borsa, is of the home that Baldassare Brasca and Maria Garegnani lived in. The man in front of the house is likely Baldassare! The year of the painting is unknown, but estimated to be about 1920. Borsa went door to door and painted homes and scenery of the area and sold them. His paintings are simple, but yet each has a unique story to tell.

Brasca Home

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