Cuggiono Today

Old and new architecture in CuggionoThe village of Cuggiono currently has approximately 8000 inhabitants. The old village is surrounded by numerous manufacturing and service businesses, and is home to one of the largest garment manufacturing firms in Italy. The village seems to be absorbing the new growth while maintaining a close connection to its deep-rooted past. I suppose one would consider that to be the best of both worlds! This picture, taken by Mark Spezia, illustrates the integration of newer architecture with that of "Old World Italy" in Cuggiono.

The 10 most common surnames currently found in Cuggiono are:
Colombo, 200 individuals
Garavaglia, 168 individuals
Berra, 110 individuals
Calcaterra, 98 individuals
Merlo, 73 individuals
Motta, 66 individuals
Gualdoni, 58 individuals
Lovati, 53 individuals
Cislaghi, 45 individuals
Osnaghi, 45 individuals

Now you can see why it is so difficult to research the more common surnames in Italy!