More about The Hill in St. Louis

The clay mines provided jobs for many of the Italians of the Hill. The clay brought out of the underground mines was primarily used to make bricks. This was hard, grueling, and dangerous work, and many men lost their lives in these mines.

Laclede Clay workers 1940

Listed L to R, name & number of years:
Front Row:
G. Winston-40; J. Miriani-36; H Ritchel-56; F. Puricelli-40 (our grandfather); M Sterling-40 Middle Row: A. Tarantola-31; B Witherspoon-20; A Carnaghi-23; SR McElmurry-20; A Ronzio-34;
P Zagarri-29; J Micciche-30; H Sostman-28; J Thompson-32
Back Row:
A Serati-25; R Green-23; M Puricelli-30; E Algardo-26; J Garanzini-25

laclede clay workers 1942 or 1943

This picture shows many of the same men as the one above, and
was taken within 3.5 years of the picture above.


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