People Identified in Hill books

Books written by Eleanore Berra Marfisi

Identified by:
cover of The hill book
cover of I remember Nonna book

Pam Huss

Page 11 - picture at lower right of the mine workers, the man in the front row, second from the right, with the lighter color pants is Enrichetta Brasca Puricelli’s husband, Francesco Sebastiano Puricelli, our grandfather. This picture was taken in 1940 at the clay plant where he worked. These men received an award for working many years without a work related accident.

Page 22 - I think that the young man in the center of the front row may be our Uncle Mike, Fr. Mario T Puricelli, SJ. I am not certain it is him, it is difficult to determine because the picture is so small, but it strongly resembles a picture we have of him in his youth. I believe this was taken in 1919, which would make him 7-8 at that time.

Page 54 - I think the surname on this picture is misspelled – the man on the left looks exactly like Aunt Theresa Puricelli’s second husband, Tom (Gaetano) Moroni. They are likely brothers.

Page 72 - This John Puricelli could possibly be Giovanni Puricelli, the brother of our grandfather Francesco Puricelli. I have no pictures, or anything else to be able to verify this.

Page 83 - the top left picture with the bride and bridesmaids on steps. The bride is Delores Restivo Berra. Delores married Emma Puricelli Berra’s son, Louis Berra. The third bridesmaid down the steps is Henrietta Berra, the sister of the groom and another of Emma’s daughters.

Page 105 - center picture. This is Delores Restivo Berra again, but Louis Berra is the man on the far right. The man in the center is a friend, Charlie Riva.

Page 115 - top picture, the group of women. In the front row, the third woman from the right, looking directly at the camera is our Grandmother, Enrichetta Brasca Puricelli, and the fourth woman from the right is our Aunt, Theresa Puricelli Foth. The second woman from the right was their good friend, Annie Berra. We do not know when this picture was taken, we think probably in the 1950s or perhaps a little earlier.

Page 193 - center picture. The young boy with the microphone in his hand is Enrichetta’s great-great-grandson, Christopher Bianchi. Christopher is the youngest child of Susan Patterson Bianchi and lives on the Hill.

Page 39 - left picture, showing the Young Ladies Choir, in the front row, second from right, is my late mother-in-law, Mary Puricelli Huss.

Page 44 - left picture, this is our Aunt Theresa Puricelli Foth. The date is probably actually 1916 after the death of her first son, or 1917 after the death of her first husband, Battista Sola, as it appears that she is in "mourning clothes".

Page 70 - top picture, The woman named Carolina Puricelli may be a sister of our grandfather. I have no pictures of her, nor a death date, so I am not sure. The Venegoni name is in the family too, The daughter of our great aunt Carolina Puricelli married a Venegoni.




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