A Brief History of Cuggiono

Cuggiono from the Bell towerEvidence of inhabitants in the area surrounding Cuggiono (pronounced Koo-JOAN in dialect) can be traced as far back as about 200BC.

The village of Cuggiono was established in the 6th Century AD.

Pope Urban III (Uberto Crivelli) was born in Cuggiono and was Pope from 1185-1187.

The stone bridge over the naviglio was built in the 1500s and still stands today.

The construction of the Basilica in Cuggiono, San Giorgio Martire, started in 1606AD.

The most common employment in the area in the 1800s to early 1900s was in farm fields and silk production. Young children often worked in the fields and silk production too.

The famed singer Angelo Branduardi was born in Cuggiono.

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Just Released!

New Cuggiono History BookThe Museo in Cuggiono has recently completed a very nice book about Cuggiono's rich history titled 'Cuggiono la sua storia', which translated, means 'Cuggiono, it's history'.

It is available in both English and Italian versions.

The book measures 12 inches high by 8.5 inches wide and contains four hundred and ten pages on heavy weight glossy stock. The print is crisp and the illustrations are beautifully rendered. This is a keepsake book that will be enjoyed by your entire family and will add immeasurably to your families’ understanding of their history and cultural heritage.

For information on how to order your copy, click on the book image to the right and you will be taken to a brochure page with complete ordering details as well as more information about the book.

PLEASE NOTE: The book is priced at a minimum donation of 50 Euros and are in stock and ready to ship from Cuggiono to you! There are numerous currency calculators online, I have used Universal Currency Converter. Once you are at that site, set the first field to the number of Euros you are going to donate to the museum in consideration for receiving the book, the minimum is 50. Set the second column to Euros, and set the third column to US Dollars, and hit the GO! button. It will figure out how many US dollars you should send to equal your donation to the museum. The museum is a not for profit, therefore they cannot "sell" items under the laws in Italy. That is why we are referring to a donation rather than a price. There are other currency converters, they will all function similarly. You will also find a link to Universal Currency Converter on the Travel Tips from Experts page of this site.