Getting to Cuggiono from the Malpensa Airport

Cuggiono Area Map 

Your Options are: Rental Car, Taxi, or Bus

Cuggiono signFrom Malpensa to Cuggiono: the town is not very far from the Malpensa airport, about 20 minutes by car.

Familiar rental car agencies are located inside the airport. There is a recently completed "highway" (A4 superstrada) that goes near Cuggiono that may reduce the travel time a bit. As of May 2006, there is a direct bus line from Malpensa to Cuggiono. The only other way to get to Cuggiono from the airport is to take a taxi or bus.

Taxi drivers are sometimes less than enthusiastic to take a fare to Cuggiono as the likelihood of having a return fare is very slim.
As in the US, time equals money! They may refuse to take you, or may charge an exhorbitant amount to do so. It may be a good idea to approach the taxi driver within earshot of an airport security person or police officer, or request their assistance if necessary - this advice is first-hand experience from a frequent visitor to the area!

Buses from Milan to Cuggiono or from Magenta to Cuggiono: There are buses that run to Cuggiono from Milan and Magenta, but they are very infrequent and usually correspond to worker's travel times. They are not very expensive, but be sure to purchase tickets before you board the bus!