Our Puricelli Family

The Earliest known generation
The earliest know generation of our Puricelli family, was Giovanni Puricelli, who married Augusta Zoia. They were our great great grandparents. I would estimate their births to have been around 1815, give or take a few years. There is only one known child of this marriage, Gaetano Puricelli, who was born in February of 1836 in Cuggiono. It is highly likely that there are several other children from this marriage, however, I have not found any record of them.

Our Great Grandparents:

3 puricellisTeresa Oldani, Gaetano Puricelli,
Francesco Puricelli, about 1890.

Gaetano Puricelli married Teresa Oldani on 10 November 1858 at Chiesa San Giorgio Martire in Cuggiono. Teresa was born in Cuggiono in June of 1838. There were seven known children (our grandparents' generation) born to this marriage:

1. Giovannina Puricelli, born in 1859, and died in 1931 in Cuggiono, married Giovanni Venegoni, 1847-1929. Two known children were born of this marriage, Luigi Venegoni, b. 1884, and Felice Venegoni, b. 1900.

2. Angela Maria, born 1861 in Cuggiono, only lived 12 days.

3. Giovanni Giuseppe, born 1863 in Cuggiono, only lived 12 days.

4. Carolina Giuseppa, born 1864 in Cuggiono, married Felice Garagiola, who was born in 1858 in Cuggiono. Felice and Carolina emmigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina where a daughter, Giuseppa Luigia Garagiola was born in 1886. It is believed that they came to the US some time after the birth of Giuseppa.

5. Rosa Maria, born in 1866 in Cuggiono, only lived about 18 months.

6. Giovanni Francesco, born in Cuggiono in October of 1868. We are fairly certain that he came to the US, likely about 1900, but nothing further can be found about him. The remaining family members did not know that he existed.

7. Francesco Sebastiano, born 17 Oct 1875. "Frank" was our grandfather. He married Maria Enrichetta Teresa Brasca who was born in Cuggiono on 25 February 1879. Their marriage was in Cuggiono on 28 Nov 1897. Seven children were born of this marriage. This family is detailed on the next page.

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