Translating Italian Records

There are many pages on the internet that can help you translate your records, so I will not repeat the information here. The best ones in my opinion are:

Italian to English Translations - This list of translated words is a good reference to use when trying to figure out sacramental records or read anything in Italian relating to families and family relations.

Text Translation or Babylon - One word of caution, if what you are trying to translate is written in dialect, these sites only deal with standardized Italian, and won't likely come up with much for you. You have to type in the text, unless it is something on a web page that you can copy and paste, so you have to be able to read and type what you want to translate. They are not perfect, but you can usually figure out what it is trying to say.

Online Translation Dictionary - Translations to/from several languages.


More on this topic to come!