What to see while in Cuggiono

Cuggiono is a small town, about 8,000 people live there. It is part of the Ticino River Park. It is divided in two parts: Cuggiono and Castelletto. The museum, the churches and Villa Annoni are in Cuggiono, but Castelletto is home to ancient houses, beautiful woods and many restaurants on the river's banks.

As you are strolling the narrow winding streets of Cuggiono, remember that your grandparents, great grandparents and probably several more generations walked those very same streets. But be sure you watch out for the cars that they didn't have to worry about! Take in all the architecture styles, and their decorative details. The older trees in the village may have been climbed by your grandfather as a young boy - you never know!

Be Sure You Don't Miss:

San Giorgio interiorSan Giorgio - It is the Basilica in Cuggiono. San Giorgio celebrated it's 400th anniversary in 2006. It is a beautiful church, and masterfully maintained to preserve it's beauty.

Mass times are:
Sunday - 0800, 1000, 11.15, 1800, 2100
Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. - 08.30
Thursday - 0900
Friday - 1800
Saturday - 08.30, 18.30 (vigil)

Please confirm the Mass times for yourself, as they may have changed!


Photo of San Giorgio provided by Silvio Sorcini

museo cucinaCivic Historical Museum (The Museo) - The Museo is located in the Historic Villa Annoni, which lies in a beautiful park where peacocks and other animals share space with ancient buildings and people. The Museo is run by volunteers and funded by donations. The Museum is open to the public every Sunday (excluding holidays) from May through October. The hours are 1500 to 1800. If you're unable to visit during these times, about 3 months or more prior to your visit, please contact Mr. Garavaglia thru the Museo website. He may be able to arrange a tour for you, but please be aware that it may just not be possible as the Museo is operated by volunteers and they have other jobs and families. The Museo maintains two websites, the link to the other Museo website is under the Cuggiono topic in the navigation links above. The picture to the left shows an old kitchen (cucina) set up in a room of the Museo.

The Cemetery - The cemetery is open 0800 until 2000 April through September, and 800-1800 October through March. Please confirm these times as this is older information and has not been verified recently. Cemetery customs are different in Italy than in the US. Each family is responsible for paying the fees associated with the upkeep of their plots. When a plot is full, they remove the older bodies and place them in a common ossuary, and will often replace the markers too. Please do not think that this is disrespectful, because it isn't, it is just a custom different than ours. It simply comes down to a matter of space, or more appropriately, the lack of space. You will probably never see a more revered cemetery than the one in Cuggiono. The graves are often tended to daily, and fresh flowers are abundant throughout the cemetery. To my knowledge there is no record of every burial that has taken place in the cemetary, which is unfortunate.

cemetery entrance

A very helpful hint from a veteran Cuggiono visitor

The following information may come under the "silly" heading now, but it may be very important to you later. There aren't very many public buildings in Cuggiono and you may have some difficulty locating a restroom while you're out wandering around. Try the Bar Centrale in the Piazza San Giorgio. It's only open for customers, so I always buy something when I visit. The door to the bathrooms is all the way in the back, behind the bar. That door will take you into a function room. You'll see another door on the opposite side of the room and that's where you'll find the bathroom. It isn't fancy, but, as they say, when you gotta go, you gotta go! There's another bar across the street that may also have usable facilities, but I'm not sure. There is another bar/restaurant 2 doors away from Bar Centrale with restrooms, as well as a couple more across the street.